Neck Pain & Injury Treatment in Melbourne

Neck pain and headaches can be very debilitating, often occurring without warning and sometimes turning into ongoing problems.

There are solutions than could ease these frustrations. Neck physiotherapy can effectively target the source of your neck pain to get you on the road to recovery.

Our neck pain treatment in Melbourne is taken care of by physiotherapists that commonly treat neck conditions, which occur across all age groups. Don’t suffer day in and day out, get in contact with a Backfocus neck physio today.

Neck pain responds very well to manual therapy and corrective exercises

Our Physiotherapists use gentle hands on techniques to help restore normal neck movement and relieve pain. They mobilize joints which are stiff and release tight muscles around the neck using specialized techniques and experienced hands. This will help you regain full, pain free movement of the neck.

Skilled assessment by our physiotherapist identifies which muscles around your neck are weak and which muscles are tight. Your physiotherapist will teach you how to correct this imbalance with a set of rehab exercises. They will also identify and correct postures and movements you are making which are causing recurring damage to your neck.

Treatment and advice from your physiotherapist will help to minimize injury duration and make sure you return to normal function as soon as possible!

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The neck is a common cause of headaches

Headaches come in many different forms – like migraine, tension headache or neck related headache. If your headache is coming from the muscles or joints of your neck physiotherapy is an excellent solution.
Joints in the upper part of your neck commonly refer pain to your head and a number of muscle trigger points will do the same.

But how do you know if your neck is contributing to your headache? Sometimes it will be fairly obvious, such that your neck will also hurt before or during the headache. However, in most instances the determination of the source of the headache requires expert diagnosis which will help decide a course of action for relief and recovery.

Neck pain can strike suddenly

Often people will wake with severe neck pain or a neck related headache. The condition can also strike with everyday movements like drying your hair. This sudden onset sometimes follows a period of poor posture, heavy lifting or excessive loading of the neck. Physio will help settle this acute episode.

The neck (also called the cervical spine) is made up of many small joints; these joints become irritated, inflamed and can even become jammed. The joint injury can be likened to a sprain. The muscles of the neck spasm as your body tries to protect the sprained joint. All of this results in substantial pain and decreased movement and even the simplest tasks become difficult.

Left untreated the pain sometimes becomes an ongoing or recurring problem. Our physios will help you get back in control if this happens.

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What should you do if you have headaches?

If you have a new or severe headache you should speak with your doctor or physiotherapist to make sure there is nothing more serious happening. You may need further investigations. If your physiotherapist or doctor feels that the neck may be contributing to your headache you can have a short course of physiotherapy to determine whether the neck is causing the headaches.

Pay close attention to the behaviour of your headaches – where they are and what brings them on. The more information you can pass on, the better the diagnosis, treatment and ultimately a greater chance of being headache free.

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