Hip Injury or Pain Treatment in Melbourne

When you are struggling everyday with hip pain, even simple tasks can seem unbearable.

Hip pain occurs in both young and old and there are a number of common problems around and within the hip that can be the root cause. For effective hip physiotherapy an expert assessment to diagnose is required.

Problems include:

  • Muscle tears
  • Bursitis (inflammation of the joint lining)
  • Impingement (a problem with the movement of the ball or socket rim of the hip)
  • Labral tears (a tear in the soft tissue or fibrocartilage of the hip socket)
  • Tendinopathy (inflammation of the tendon)
  • Overuse injuries
  • Osteoarthritis.

Our skilled hip physiotherapist will arrive at a diagnosis of your hip pain quickly and plan the right treatment. Part of your hip pain treatment plan will include manual therapy to mobilise the hip joint and tight structures. You will also be taught the right rehabilitative exercises to ensure good strength and flexibility at the hip.

hip injury physiotherapists

My hip hurts!

Hip pain can start after a clear injury at sport or at home. But it can also come on for no obvious reason. It takes expert skills to identify the cause of the problem and the structure that is injured. There are many structures that can cause the pain including the joint itself and all the surrounding muscles, tendons, bursa and ligaments. It requires expert training in the structure and function of the hip to be able to accurately diagnose your problem.

Our physiotherapists will take you through a very detailed physical assessment identify what’s wrong and then plan your treatment.

Our physiotherapists will get your hip moving

Your physiotherapist will use an array of hands on physiotherapy techniques to physically get your hip moving!  This will include techniques to restore joint mobility and release tight muscles as quickly as possible.

Your physiotherapist may even use dry needling techniques to get muscle knots to release. You may need a few sessions of hands on therapy to get your hip moving again and to restore muscle length and joint motion. While this is being done you will also be taught exercises to do at home to compliment the work being done by your physio to get the best outcome from your sessions of physiotherapy.

Hip Physiotherapy
Hip Physiotherapy

What exercises should I do?

Following expert assessment of your hip biomechanics our physiotherapist will then prescribe you a set of rehab exercises aimed at restoring strength and flexibility to your hip and guide you to a safe return to normal activities and sport.

This may involve strengthening the muscles around the hip, biomechanical re-education and stretching of tight muscles. The exercises will be tailored to suit your individual needs so you can do them where you are most comfortable.

Your physiotherapist will progress your exercises over a 4-6 week period to help regain strength and function in your hip.

A team approach

A combined approach with your doctor is often best for problematic hip problems. Your physiotherapist may advise you to see your doctor to organise further investigations such as an ultrasound, x-ray or MRI to further define any pathology and help guide treatment.

Sometimes a cortisone injection into the hip may be needed and occasionally you may be asked to see an orthopaedic specialist for opinion or surgery.

If hip surgery is required you will once again be needing your physiotherapist to help with rehabilitation exercises.

Hip Physiotherapy

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