Back Pain Treatment in Melbourne for Acute and Chronic Pain

Back pain can impact your work, lifestyle and sometimes be completely debilitating.

But there might be an answer to your back pain problems. At Backfocus Physiotherapy, our Melbourne back treatment specialists have seen thousands of backs and can tell you one thing:

Expert back physiotherapy helps back pain!

We know that in the right hands you will improve. Lower back pain is one of the most common conditions that we see at Backfocus Physiotherapy, but our physiotherapists are highly trained and skilled in treating  a range of issues such as:

  • Spinal problems
  • Upper and lower back pain treatment
  • Neck pain treatment

Our back physios will diagnose the cause of your pain and provide you with the best possible treatment plan with targeted exercises for back pain that will help you recover as quickly as possible and get you back in control.


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What’s causing my back pain?

Your spine is a wonderful but complex instrument relying on the interplay of many joints, muscles, discs and nerves to allow great flexibility but also strength to absorb load and give stability. All these structures are possible sources of pain.

Our physiotherapists are skilled at identifying where the pain is coming from. It may be your disc, your facet joints or a muscle strain or knot. You may have pressure on one of your nerves. Close assessment will identify the likely problem area and guide your treatment plan.

Our physiotherapists are skilled at recognizing what is causing the problem. Is there inflammation? Is it due to repeated overstrain? Is it due to muscle weakness? Once they find the cause they will help you fix it.

Manual, hands on therapy helps!

Hands on treatment will help settle flare ups of new or recurrent back pain.

Your physiotherapist will use hands on manual techniques to loosen stiff and restricted joints and to soften tight painful muscles. They will identify the stiff and tender segments of your spinal joints and muscles and apply localized mobilizing techniques to help restore normal movement and reduce pain. Generally you will need a few sessions over 1-2 weeks to get optimal results and have you back on track

Our physiotherapists will stretch it, loosen it, needle it and soften it. Whatever is needed to safely get your spine moving again.

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Exercise that is right for you

Research very clearly tells us that certain exercises are great at helping get over back pain and preventing recurrence. It takes advanced assessment skills to identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of your body and relate that to your back problem. Our physiotherapists are experts in their understanding of spinal pathology and injury mechanism. Combined with their skill at physical assessment they are brilliantly placed to instruct you in the appropriate, safe exercises for your body.

Restore strength, flexibility and stability to your spine under professional guidance. Help yourself prevent and limit ongoing problems with the help of our Backfocus Physiotherapists.

Get back in control of chronic back pain with our spinal rehabilitation

Backfocus Physiotherapy has been providing evidence based, comprehensive spinal rehab programs for over 15 years to people with some of the most difficult back problems in Victoria. Our exercise based rehabilitation programs are supervised as you are guided through a graded return to exercise, activity and life over a 3 month period.

We assess you closely and progress you through specific exercises for your body along with functional and aerobic exercise to help condition you for normal leisure and work activities. You will have a clear program of exercise to pursue independently by the end of the program. The supervised guided programs are shown to restore function and reduce pain. Let us help you take back control of your back pain.

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