Exercise & Rehabilitation Programs

Strength, Stability & Flexibility are the cornerstones for our rehabilitation and exercise programs. Our exercise based rehabilitation programs are individually prescribed specifically for people with acute, recurring or chronic musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Recent and ongoing research continues to demonstrate the vital role of exercise therapy in the management of soft tissue injuries. Our approach and the programs themselves are very well established and demonstrated to be successful.

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We customise rehabilitation programs for every individual

Every rehabilitation program we develop is fully supervised and taught by our physiotherapists. Your rehabilitation physiotherapist will work closely with you to develop a specific exercise program for you and then progress you through the stages of your recovery.

Your physiotherapist will use up to date, research based evidence on exercise prescription for your specific sports, spinal or other injury. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in teaching exercises and will safely guide you through the appropriate rehabilitation exercises for your condition.

Factors considered in developing rehabilitation programs

Our rehabilitation programs take into consideration many factors including type of pathology, severity and distribution of symptoms and your lifestyle. Your program progresses through distinct stages of recovery from early rehab through to advanced exercises and return to sport, work and leisure. Our expert physios will identify what joint or muscles need particular strength or flexibility and design your program accordingly.

We use a variety of exercise equipment to compliment your program including gym equipment, thera-tubing and clinical exercise sessions. Programs will also involve stretching, strengthening and aerobic exercise.

You will be empowered to manage your condition independently on completion of the program. So get started and take back control!

rehabilitation physiotherapy
physiotherapy based clinical pilates

We help you manage your rehabilitation and get back to activity with confidence

You rehabilitation program will not only reduce your pain levels but will also improve your ability to perform work, sporting and leisure activities. You will learn to self-manage your exercise and by continuing with the exercises you will reduce the risks of recurrence. During the program a range of outcome measurement tools are used to monitor any changes helping you to evaluate the effect of the exercises on your condition.

Generally, rehabilitation programs last between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the severity of your presentation. The programs cater for your personal needs as well – for instance it can be gym based or made to suit your home or work environment.

Following the program we strongly recommend that you continue to exercise for at least 6 to 12 months. We would like to emphasize that it is important you consider making the exercises an ongoing part of your life. Regular performance of your exercises will improve your ability to perform normal activities and reduce your pain.

Rehabilitation programs can be developed to help many different conditions

We develop rehabilitation and exercise programs that include:

  • Spinal rehabilitation
  • Pre & post surgical rehabilitation
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Gym or home based programs
  • Hydrotherapy programs
  • Workplace exercise programs
  • Chronic disease exercise programs
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Some of Our Services


workplace physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims to remove muscular, joint and nerve symptoms and restore normal function and mobility.

sports injury physiotherapy programs

Myotherapy uses massage to releases muscle tension and trigger points associated with aches and pains.

physio led clinical pilates
Clinical Exercise Sessions

Clinical Exercise Sessions are valuable for the recovery of core stability and strength in people with recurring or chronic pain.

workplace physiotherapy
Workplace Programs

Customised programs and services designed to help recruit and maintain a physically healthy workforce.

sports injury physiotherapy programs
Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation programs individually prescribed for people with acute, recurring or chronic pain & injuries.

knee injury physiotherapy
Sports Programs

Effective sports injury management requires careful diagnosis, specialist treatment & detailed exercise programs.

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