Physiotherapy treatment techniques are aimed at removing muscular, joint and nerve symptoms. They restore normal function and mobility and provide patients with skills to help manage their problem long term. Our physiotherapists use a hands on approach to treatment using a wide variety of manual skills and extensive knowledge of exercise therapy to help you recover from either acute or chronic injuries. Their extensive training in injury mechanism, pathology and rehabilitation allows them to provide the most reliable and evidence based advice and treatment for musculoskeletal disorders.

back injury physiotherapy

What to expect in your consultation

During your consultation you will receive a thorough assessment, considering history, physical examination and assessment of biomechanics. Following the assessment, your diagnosis and treatment options are clearly explained to you. Your treatment is chosen from a wide range of physical modalities demonstrated to reduce pain and disability in your particular presentation.

Along with hands-on treatment and rehabilitation exercise you will receive advice on how to best manage your injury at home or work, speeding up your recovery and minimizing the risk of recurrence. Together with appropriate medical care our skilled therapists will help you achieve the best possible outcome when suffering from musculoskeletal problems.

How physiotherapy helps

Physiotherapy is extremely effective for soft tissue strains and tears including muscle and joint related injuries. It is also very effective when there is a pinched or irritated nerve.

Problems may have been caused by high velocity sporting injuries, overstrains, repeated or postural overload type injuries or biomechanical related problems. A physiotherapist’s ability to diagnose the pathology and relate it to the mechanism of injury is one of the most significant advantages our physiotherapists offer.

Physiotherapists treat an extensive list of injuries. Our experienced physiotherapist will be able to quickly identify the most effective treatment plan for you.

physiotherapy shoulder injury treatment
physiotherapy shoulder treatment

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for many conditions

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for a range of conditions, including lower back pain, disc injuries, sciatica, thoracic pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, pinched nerves, whip lash, wry neck, jaw pain, shoulder impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, bursitis, muscular tears and strains, overuse injuries, ligament tears, arthritic joints, tennis and golfers elbow, occupational injuries, sporting injuries and many more!

Treatment modalities include education and advice, manual therapy, joint mobilization and manipulation, muscular and myofascial release, trigger point release, dry needling trigger point release, maintenance manual therapy, exercise therapy – specific rehabilitative therapy, postural rebalancing exercises, biomechanical re-education, clinical pilates, hydrotherapy, orthotics, splinting, taping, including interferential and workplace evaluation.

We are committed to helping people recover

Our physiotherapists participate in a regular continuing education program ensuring that they stay abreast of the latest research and provide you with the most effective treatment available. We have a strong commitment to evidence based and outcome measured therapy. Physical measures are routinely taken and used for re-evaluation and to guide clinical decisions during your course of treatment.

Our Physiotherapists are registered providers for private health funds, Medicare, Workcover, TAC and Veterans Affairs.

We are also members of Medibank Private’s Member’s Choice and BUPA’s Members First preferred provider networks at many of our clinics.

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Our Services Include


workplace physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims to remove muscular, joint and nerve symptoms and restore normal function and mobility.

sports injury physiotherapy programs

Myotherapy uses massage to releases muscle tension and trigger points associated with aches and pains.

physio led clinical pilates
Clinical Exercise Sessions

Clinical Exercise Sessions are valuable for the recovery of core stability and strength in people with recurring or chronic pain.

workplace physiotherapy
Workplace Programs

Customised programs and services designed to help recruit and maintain a physically healthy workforce.

sports injury physiotherapy programs
Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation programs individually prescribed for people with acute, recurring or chronic pain & injuries.

knee injury physiotherapy
Sports Programs

Effective sports injury management requires careful diagnosis, specialist treatment & detailed exercise programs.

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