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Nital Tawde - Sunbury


Nital graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2010 from India. He has gained experience by working across a variety of settings, including an industrial trauma centre, geriatric clinics, a paraplegic foundation and also in private musculoskeletal practice back in India.

In Australia, he has been working as a physiotherapist since 2015 and has mainly worked in managing chronic musculoskeletal conditions in adults and the geriatric population. He has also worked in community pulmonary as well as neurological rehabilitation.

Nital has an interest in managing lower back and ankle injuries and also in outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation.

He believes in gaining client confidence through targeting specific function-oriented goals and achieving them with a specific physiotherapy regime, rehabilitation, and education.

Apart from this, he is a medium pace bowler in Spring Gully Cricket Club, Bendigo. He loves to cook Pizza for his wife and enjoys Dad’s company for drinks.