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Headaches & hidden neck injury

Headaches are experienced by most of the population at some point in their lives. For most they are minor and fleeting, and for others they pose an ongoing problem, having complex underlying causes. Types of headaches vary greatly and determining…
kids physical activity physiotherapy melbourne cbd

Boosting kids physical activity scores

The results of last years physical activity report card for children and young people, scored of D-for Australia, which incidentally was the global average. Initiated by The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, this report card's aim is to increase…

Holiday Trading Hours 2017/2018

We're taking a little break across our practices this festive season and wanted to be sure you weren't left in the lurch! Check out the trading hours for your local practice below. If you're in need of our services this holiday season be sure…
Pain Free Gardening This Spring - Physiotherapy Melbourne CBD
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Pain Free Gardening This Spring

With spring the garden beckons, but before pulling on your boots, consider some tips for pain free gardening.Certainly, gardening itself has the benefits of easing stress and providing a form of exercise. Once completed a spring clean in…