November 19, 2019


by: backFoCuSadMin


Categories: Podiatry

7 Tips For Better Foot Care This Summer

1. Avoid barefoot walking on hot surfaces. Like other parts of the body, the soles of the feet are subject to burning if exposed to hot surfaces.
2. Apply sunscreen to the top of your feet and around the toes. An SPF 50+ cream is recommended.
3. Limit the use of thongs. While some use is ok, wearing thongs as the primary shoe day in day out may contribute to the overloading of structures within the foot. Brands such as Birkenstock, Scholl Orthaheel Thongs and Archies have thongs that contain an arch profile built into the footbed. This arch may go some way to reducing the issues Podiatrists commonly see with prolonged use of thongs.
4. Stay hydrated. As the weather warms up our skin tends to dry out. Our heels, in particular, are exposed to the elements and sweating. Excessively dry heels may crack resulting in painful sores around your heels. A daily application of a simple Sorbolene Moisturiser cream can help to prevent this drying.
5. Maintain callouses. If you find that applying moisturiser is not enough to prevent cracking you may have an excessive buildup of callous. Callous is hard skin that often is painful and will dry out and crack quickly. You can use a Pumice stone to rub the hard skin following a water soak or consult your Podiatrist to have the callous removed.
6. Prevent fungal or skin infections. Fungus loves warm and moist environments. Fungus loves to grow in communal areas such as communal showers, pool decks and bathrooms or even hotel floors. Wearing thongs in the shower or on pool decks, thoroughly drying your feet and changing your socks regularly are all great ways to prevent fungal infections.
7. If you like to use nail polish, make sure you regularly remove the polish as soon as possible. Leaving nail polish on for weeks on end prevent you from detecting fungal nail infections early. Early detection goes a long way to preventing thickened nails and a long road to recovery.


Authored by Backfocus Podiatrist Andrew Apolloni (Podiatry-La Trobe University). Andrew offers Podiatry services at 2 Bacfocus clinics, located in the CBD and Epping districts.