Persistent aches and pains

Persistent aches and pains are something we have all experienced. It’s not often the most severe pain, but the constant dull aches can take a toll on our life. The majority of people accept to live with these pains, not knowing the underlying factors to why they are experiencing them. At Backfocus we can help you manage and overcome your pain whilst educating you on how to stop your condition from reoccurring.

What you may be experiencing

Your aches and pains can be defined into two categories. The first being the pain that can occur for a short period but tends to come back and you never can quite get rid of it. The second type of pain is chronic, and is a pain or ache that you’ve been experiencing for longer than three months.

Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing include:

  • Wrist and elbow pain (tennis elbow)
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Stiffness and pain around your knee joints
  • Dull neck and back pain

Why do I have these persistent aches and pains?

Often, we are presented with aches and pains later in life due to the physiological stress put on our body over time, this leads to micro-tears in the muscle. These tears initially are not substantial enough to trigger pain responses, providing us with no reason to act. As we continue to add load overtime to these micro-tears it eventually leads to the pain and aches you may be experiencing today.

How can Backfocus stop the aches and pains from continuing?

Our objective is to work out the biomechanical reasons to why you are experiencing these symptoms and then assess the related cause. We help to correct imbalances, instability and weaknesses with certain muscles. Then we correct your movement, restore normal strength and reduce the likelihood of this pain reoccurring.

What can you do

Don’t hold back in commencing treatment. If you’ve been experiencing aches and pains and it’s continuing to affect your life, then it’s probably the appropriate time to visit a physiotherapist to correctly diagnose and treat the problem at hand.

How long before I am back to normal.

At Backfocus it’s our mission to get you back to the life you want to be living. The recovery process depends on the severity of your condition and whether the pain you are experiencing can be overcome or managed long term. From there it’s up to our physiotherapists to develop a treatment plan that will return you to a normal level of function and reduce the risk of reoccurrence. We will motivate you, educate you and give you the tools necessary to have a successful recovery.


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